There are often whispers behind his back when they think he can’t hear them, or find out from a secondary or tertiary source. They think his job description is all about finding the right “hocus-pocus” to conjure up and making random declarations about where fate is leading them.

He tries his best not to take offense, because most people don’t even know the requirements to become a magi.

He sighs, and shifts his position for the umpteenth time on his camel’s back. There’s a reason why his only friends are other magi, and the stars that they study – if stars could be called friends.

He feels like he knows them more than humans; about the paths they take and the track they move in the night sky. Humans are much too unpredictable for his liking.

They’ve been tracking this new star for the past few months, and it seems to shine brighter with every step they take to pursue it. The other stars and planets continue to arc lazily across the sky, but for now, he allows them to sit in the background. Though other people may roll their eyes and scoff in disbelief, the magi don’t really care – they pursue the stars and planets; they pursue science in one of its most undiluted forms.

He’s developed a permanent crick in his neck from looking up too much, but it’s a small sacrifice compared to interpreting destiny from the movement in the sky. The movement of the sky.

He doesn’t know if there’s anything that changes more than the sky does, yet is made up of the same components spinning their way through a designated path. He thinks there’s something humans can learn from this, so he continues to follow the stars until even the ends of the earth can’t reach him anymore.


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