He can’t remember the last time he fell asleep. Of course, there have been many times where he’s collapsed from sheer exhaustion, but the last time he laid his body in bed and tucked himself in was sometime when he was still young; when his bed was still too large for him.

He’s probably stored enough sleep behind his eyes to last half his lifetime.

But he continues to lie awake, refusing the night’s lies, and draws plans laid out in the map of his mind.

To him, inspiration blooms out of nowhere – a little like how he composes his music. And even though he doesn’t always think his plans are beautiful, he knows they’re the best he has to offer, and the sleeplessness helps him concentrate on what’s important rather than what’s necessary.

He’s made a promise, and even though he doesn’t get to see his plans come to fruition, he sticks to his oath, and when he finally does rest, he finds there’s nothing less peaceful than that one moment in his lifetime.


Blah blah blah

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