Like A Thief

He’s not sure when the last time he looked at a calendar was, but it’s been long enough that he’s able to forget about it. It’s the reason why he never puts a date on the letters he writes, and he sometimes imagines the recipients’ reactions to having no idea whether he wrote the letter a month before sending it or whether it was an instant reply.

He grins to himself – if his friends still thought that way, then they needed to be taught a few more lessons.

But he writes about the end of the world, because it’s important. And contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t think the day or time matters: the fact that the world will end is the only urgent news in this letter (because it might not be so obvious to the friends he’s writing to).

He thinks of his friends, and tries to show with words that the “end of the world” is really the arrival of paradise for them, because they are loving and faithful people.

He reviews his letter one last time before blowing the ink dry and sealing it shut. Hopefully, the day of paradise will come like a thief to all of them, and he ponders briefly on how it would feel like to be stolen away.


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