A Song for the Musician

He wonders if it’s okay to just slip into his forefathers’ old shoes, and pick up a profession that somehow doesn’t seem to belong to him. It feels like he should be obligated to rebel against such ‘fate’, but so far, he doesn’t really mind. As long as he feels like he belongs to fate, he thinks it’s okay.

And what is there to dislike about his profession? He loves music, he’s good at making it, and he has good friends on his right and left who help and support him in everything he does. It’s so easy, he thinks, and life is great.

Sure, sometimes he’s hard-pressed for creative inspiration that hasn’t already been invented by his ancestors, but it’s part of the challenge…to tell the truth, the only challenge he has to face. At times, he’s even resorted to doing crazy things like stand in the front lines on the battlefield (he’s never going to do that again, unless he’s absolutely desperate and has had a few cups of wine already) or hop across the neighbourhood’s rooftops. He sometimes wonders why the king still employs him, but when he sees the twinkle in his eye, he somehow gets the feeling that the king can actually understand what it means to make music.

To tell the truth, he doesn’t make music. The big secret behind how he and his ancestors have held on to the music profession for so long is that they never attempt to make music. Instead, they set out on journeys, and discover the pockets of music that have been hidden inside the folds of creation. But it’s a trade secret, so when people yell at him and tell him he’s crazy, he just laughs it off, because he honestly thinks that life can’t get any safer than this.


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