It all began with a simple game of Hide-and-Seek. After all, games are simplified imitations of waging war against others, and this was no different from practicing how to become like adults.

He would hide along with his siblings, and his oldest brother would try to find them. None of them were ever allowed to be the seeker; when he thinks back on it now he theorises that his brother probably preferred to have a sense of control and power over his other siblings.

When he thinks back on it, his brother was a kind seeker, because he stayed a seeker when they were still young and played their games. He never hunted them mercilessly or resorted to ruthless tactics to ferret them out, although he easily could have done so.

After thinking it over, he would say that his brother was like a grape-picker in a vineyard, or even a thief. He was like a grape-picker in the way grape-pickers sweep grapes into their baskets, but leave a few behind to ensure future crops. He was also like a thief in the way a thief only steals what they want, and he’s noticed that those that were found were usually the siblings that had caused him the most grief in the past few days.

It could be a coincidence, but looking at the adult that his brother has turned into now, he highly doubts it.

His brother – no, all of them – are not thieves or grape-pickers anymore, because they don’t play games anymore. They are adults, and they are hunters. They are warriors and survivors, and they’ve been taught by the very best teacher about what it’s like to be all grown-up.


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