From the Frog’s Point of View

Being kept prisoner inside the palace’s courtyard apparently wasn’t enough of a punishment, so they decided to throw him into the courtyard’s cistern.

To be honest, there isn’t much change in scenery. There’s just a little less space and higher walls and all he can still see and admire is a speck of sky, and he thinks with this narrowed vision, it’s made even more beautiful.

At night, when he draws angels in the soft mud, he rests his stiff neck and tries to connect the starry dots in the sky. He finds it easier with the small amount that he can see.

When he was a boy, his mother would always tell him to explore and discover new things; to not be like the frog that lives in the bottom of the well. Now that he’s been lowered into one, he finds out that those who spend all their time outside may gather all the vast knowledge of the world around them, but will ultimately not understand what it means to live inside a well.

For a brief moment, he feels sorry for them.

When day breaks and he rubs his eyes open, he thinks that perhaps the sky was made just for the frog that can’t do anything but look up in hope and wonder.


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