Whenever he dreams, he makes money. He would never have thought that he could make money when he sleeps, but he can now understand why truth can be stranger than fiction. (Everything is made stranger when something illogical appears in reality.)

He fishes for words from different gods’ mouths, and what he catches and sells are lies. It’s a delicate business, to be sure – but when people are willing to fall for anything, then they won’t look past the surface. He doesn’t know exactly what they’re looking for, but he tries to match his lies to what he thinks they seek.

For example, he knows that everyone wants to be given hope rather than muster it from the depths of their suffering. So future predictions of good news are always a winner, although he’s always careful to be as vague as possible without appearing that way. The best way is to try to predict without mentioning a time frame; that always keeps him safe from his own lies.

Once in a while, he wonders whether there will be repercussions of being in such a business. He’s not really hurting anyone, and people are free to believe in whatever they want, right? It’s the gods he worries about, because even if they turn out to be fake, they still have the power to make him feel condemned. So when he prays, he prays that what he dreams at night will come true, even if they might get quite illogical at times.


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