The Right to be Angry

Nothing is going his way, and he feels like every single nerve in his body is smouldering with anger. He had taken his one and only message to the city; an unbelievable message, and everyone believed the words that were choked out of his throat!

So he locks his anger around him like a wall, and grumbles when he sees people mourning left and right, refusing to eat their food and drink their wine. Even the animals are wailing with their lack of food, and he presses his hands over his ears so he doesn’t have to hear them. It helps, but only a little.

He feels the kind of anger that keeps people up at night, because even though he could predict the outcome, the outcome isn’t something he needs to see; it’s something he wants to happen.

He holds on to a faint hope that what he wants will still happen, so he picks the best view of the city, makes a throne for himself, and waits for anger to destroy the ones who deserve it.


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