The Messenger’s Answer

He’s pretty sure he’s not the first to have so many questions about what he sees, but he’s the kind of guy who gets restless when he realises that there are answers he can never even imagine, let alone find. So when he sees a man sitting on a red horse among the forest of myrtle trees, he goes looking for an answer.

The forest is in full bloom, and he almost misses the herd of white, red, and brown horses standing complacently behind the rider, as if they know what he wants to know. And despite feeling restless, he feels that he should stay as long as he can in the presence of the stranger and the horses.

He looks again, and sees four craftsmen moving to throw away four horns scattered on the ground, even though these horns don’t belong to them.

The wind whistles as the horns arc across the sky, and he can barely hear the cry of war stirring the ground. It vanishes, and for some reason, he feels relieved.

Another person passes by with a line in his hand, and he seems determined to measure the greatness of a city with it. The words in the stranger’s eyes gives him the answer he’s looking for, and he runs away with it, hoping that he isn’t too late to become his country’s last messenger..

Blah blah blah

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