A Fool’s Vision

For him, the easiest time to see is during the night, in the darkest moments when he pulls the covers over his head, closes his eyes, and tries not to sleep.

He’s supposed to be working during these times. So when his vision blurs and becomes hazy, it feels as if all the food he’s eaten is being taken out of his mouth.

To satiate this newfound hunger, he goes around waging wars against other people. If they feed him, he declares peace with them by telling them what they want to hear. This works, because most of the time, people do feed him because they aren’t very intelligent.

For him, the easiest time to smile is at night, in the moments when he closes his eyes and forms pictures and visions that aren’t real. But because the only thing he believes in is himself, he continues to fool other people, so that their faith will make what he sees real.

Blah blah blah

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