The Architect

All the measurements he takes has to be precise, not for his sake, but for the sake of the one who will build it.

The linen cord and measuring tape in his hands are worn out from being used so many times, but with them, he’s seen monuments and masterpieces being built up; he’s even seen some being torn down. After the passing of each building, he’s eventually asked to draft up new plans, all with exact measurements so that the workers know that even though they’re the ones who will construct the building, they’re not the one who made it.

He believes that one day, he wouldn’t be needed, but for now, he decorates his structures with palm trees and two-headed cherubim – each one having the face of a human and the face of a lion. It will be mind-blowing!, he thinks, and smiles to himself as he takes the measurement of the doors.

He doesn’t know the exact meaning of these symbols and blueprints, but as long as even one person looks at the finished piece and sees a deeper meaning, then his job is done. After all, a building always has the fingerprints of its architect imprinted in its doors and walls, because the architect’s heart is always with the homes he makes.


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