The King’s Butler

His job description is that of a butler’s. He’s the king’s personal servant, and by extension, he partakes in both the king’s trust and wealth. He knows he doesn’t deserve these things, but as long as he has them, he might as well make good use of the situation.

The current situation is pretty dire. The land is refusing to produce anything, and the king orders him to search for food. In a way, he’s tempted to laugh, not because the king doesn’t send anyone else to help him, but because the king actually expects him to succeed.

Instead, he finds a traitor.

He has the tendency to know such people.

Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that he creates such people, because he prefers to hide traitors rather than turn them in. Or, if he were to feel resentful enough, he would dare say that it is his king who creates such people. After all, traitors are only created when certain people who live in his kingdom actively go against the laws that the king sets.

Does wanting to save a traitor, by default, make him a traitor? He thinks for a few moments, and decides that it’s fine to change his job description, even if it means that this will be the last job he will ever hold.


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