Buffalo Wild Wings

Another one of those sports restaurant/bar places! Good for big parties, better for big parties who are also fans of major sports, and horrible for single people looking for good food. This time it’s Buffalo Wild Wings, a place that specialises in – you guessed it – buffalo wings. I never understood why they’re called “buffalo wings” when they’re clearly chicken wings. It’s not like buffaloes were ever able to fly, not even their first evolution species. Maybe these particular buffalo are of the Red Bull species.

You can find a Buffalo Wild Wings pretty much anywhere, since they’re a chain restaurant company, and the one I went to was in Vernon Hills. Quite a big space filled to the brim with sports paraphernalia and televisions with different sports channels playing, and they even had some arcade games tucked next to a pillar or two. My group was situated right next to one of those claw machines, so the place definitely had a very casual yet competitive atmosphere to it.

I had a half dozen of their traditional wings with spicy garlic sauce and carrots. It was meh. Nothing too special to it; the wings were cooked well, although the sauce was not garlicky at all, which was what they promised on their menu. I couldn’t taste any hint of garlic whatsoever, and this is coming from someone who cooks a lot with garlic (it’s pretty much a compulsory ingredient in Chinese food). In fact, BBW should have named it “Sour and spicy sauce”, because it was very sour, maybe only slightly less sour than eating a lemon. And it was quite spicy. How they determined the level of spiciness was pretty accurate – I’d expected a “medium spice” level to be a lot more mild, like most American cuisines (from what I’d experienced in the past, if a dish is labelled “spicy” at an American restaurant it’s usually extremely mild to nonexistent). I’m pretty glad I played it safe and got something a few levels lower than I’d originally planned. As for the carrots, well…they were raw carrots. Crunchy. Nothing to write home about.

Overall, a very average place that is more for watching sports communally, rather than a place to eat. The service was pretty quick, and our server was very accommodating with giving us all separate checks. But otherwise, like I said, nothing to write home about, unless you go with a daredevil friend who orders the spiciest sauce with his or her wings. Average price about $10, and 4/10 stars from me.

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