My friend and I paid another visit to Tatami again (their sushi is just too good to resist). This time, we were served by an older waitress, but the strange thing is that she seemed to be less experienced than the younger waitress we had last time. For one, her English was more broken, and two, she seemed more concerned with getting all her customers’ orders in than actually staying and listening to what the customers wanted to say. For example, I noticed that the dispenser for the soy sauce wasn’t the usual red-topped, hourglass-shaped pourer, but a squarish one with a pointed spout. It was the perfect solution to prevent soy sauce from dripping and running down the sides of the container, something that my own soy sauce pourer (the one I use at home, for cooking purposes) couldn’t do. So I asked the waitress where I could get one of those. She smiled a very nervous smile, and dismissed me quickly with a “Yes, yes, very good!” before practically running away to attend to another table.

So now, I continue on my hunt for the drip-less soy sauce dispenser. I mean, I do know a trick to prevent dripping spouts, which is rubbing a layer of wax or lip balm on the underside of the spout’s tip, but this is only a temporary solution. Boo. At least my friend and I got free bowls of miso soup out of the whole deal, because we were made to wait more than 15 minutes for our food to arrive. Hooray for free food!!

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