Noodles “Pho” U

More eating out in the suburbs! This time, I went to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend. As you can probably tell, Noodles “Pho” U serves mainly Vietnamese food (with some Korean and Thai dishes thrown in the menu), and I must say that this place is just about as good as the pun its name tries to make.

Located on 2532 Waukegan Road in Glenview, this restaurant has the air of a semi-fast food place, with very simple interior and exterior décor, although customers do get to sit down with individual menus. There’s only one server, who also happens to be the cashier. Thankfully, the place is well-ventilated, so there’s no danger of coming out of the place with the smell of oil drenching your hair and clothes. I’ve been to some Vietnamese restaurants that don’t do so well in that respect, so that was a plus.

Everything else was more of a “meh”. Average at best. I had their shrimp rolls as my appetizer, which was about the same as every other Vietnamese shrimp roll I’ve ever had. Then I had their satay noodles with beef, which was kind of strange. It certainly was hot enough, but not as spicy as I’d have liked. The soup was also very thick, almost jelly-like in consistency, which made it appear less appetizing than it was. The thick soup was also kind of deceptive because it made me think that there would be a stronger taste of satay, but the real thing was more like a beef broth with a tiny hint of satay. The slices of beef were very stringy as well, and the noodles were clumped together in the soup – a sign that the noodles had been allowed to sit in the bowl, get cold, and stick together before the other ingredients were put in. Overall, it was difficult to enjoy the dish. Its only saving grace was the fact that the plateful of bean sprouts and lettuce I was given was very fresh.

Service was quick and easy, but for the price, I expected better food. It costs about $10-$15 including tax and tip, about the same amount of money I spend in Chinatown on dim sum. And I always get a ton of leftovers from dim sum. But like I said, this was a very average place, which disappointed me since I went to this place on a recommendation. Maybe I just didn’t order the right food or something. 3/10, and l won’t be coming back  “pho sho”. Unless I’m craving for some Vietnamese rolls or something.


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