Asian Cheapskate

Black Friday. Just those two words can either send shudders of horror and fear down someone’s spine, or send shudders of wild excitement and barely-contained anticipation. And this year, I actually managed to persuade my aunt (who hates those two words) to bring my friend and me to Macy’s.

The good thing about living in the suburbs is that there is a lot more space and less people within the same space, so during the time we went, the human traffic wasn’t so bad. Granted, we stayed in the accessories section, which was much less crowded compared to the shoe section. And I got to browse through piles and piles of my newest obsession: hats.

In fact, even though hats are my obsession, we all managed to find the perfect hat to get. And in a true Asian cheapskate fashion, we dug out all the coupons we could use, even though the hats were already on a 25% off sale. At first, we used the “extra 20% off” coupon, because the person at the cash register said we didn’t have enough to use the “$20 off $50” coupon. Even though we’d already bought the hats, we found that we were only $2 off, so we decided to hunt the store for something worth $2. And the only thing that cost a little over $2 at Macy’s was chocolate. So we brought it over, only to find out that chocolate didn’t count towards our $50 because it was an “everyday value item” and therefore ineligible. So we kept on hunting, and finally found a pair of socks that were a little over $3.

Success! The coupon went through, and it was totally worth all the trouble. In our minds, at least. I’m sure the person at the cash register was pretty annoyed. But I’m sporting a brand-new hat that I got for 56% off the original price, so I’m satisfied, even though that’s all I managed to get on Black Friday before my aunt whisked us home.


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