half-A peek from a text message conversation between my friend and I:

J: ok i will try to make it on time! im still in hyde park but im getting ready to leave soon. dont kill me if i come late!
Me: Lol I won’t! I’ll just half-kill you. XD
J: like a turkey?
Me: Like a fish.
J: we are having fish tonight?
Me: Yeah. It’s name is J.
J: hhahahaaahaaa ok

I still can’t believe I used “it’s” instead of “its”. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!? I died a little today. I think that’s why my friend was laughing. (This coming from the same friend who thought the “fresh” in “fresh turkey” means hunting and killing the turkey yourself.)

Anyway. Have a Happy Thanksgiving break, everyone. May you all have some good turkey that tastes like fish, with good grammar on the side.


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