Turkey vs Chicken vs Pork

Turkey, chicken, and pork are all meats that are sweeter than usual, to varying degrees. Yet sometimes, the subtle differences can make all the difference in a dish.

For example, for a heartier and more flavourful soup, I recommend pork (preferably with bones too). Boiling it with apples or pears brings out the natural sweetness of the pork without overpowering it, and the fruit also absorbs some of the fattiness of the pork. If you want a clearer, more refreshing taste, go with chicken. All the oil that comes out is also good for sore throats and people with the cold or flu, but if you don’t like all that oil adding lots of veggies will help. And it’s easy to make any kind of soup with a chicken broth base. Turkey I only recommend after Thanksgiving, when you have the carcass of the turkey to use. Usually turkey soup tends to be more bland than chicken or pork.

If it’s the main meat, then that completely changes the deal. Turkey is light, so is good when paired with things that have a strong sweet taste, such as craisins, celery, cilantro, rosemary, etc. It also dries out easily, though, due to a lower oil content. So fresh is always best! Chicken is similar in that way, but is more versatile. The meat is also firmer, and takes longer to dry out. Deep frying it or coating it in something is actually a good idea to help retain moisture. Plus I find white and cream sauces go really well with chicken or turkey (I’ve tried making red sauce pasta with chicken, and it just doesn’t mesh as well as I’d like).

Pork goes well with pineapple. I saw this explained on a cooking show once, where the famous chef uses the power of science to help him make the best dishes, and he was explaining how the acidity of the pineapple breaks up the enzymes in the pork, thus softening the pork to a tender juiciness. Don’t know if it’s true, but it works. Pork is easy to overcook as well, but if done right, I find it a nice, denser meat than fowl meat. Tends to be more filling, too! But more fattening.

As a sausage, pork wins hands (or should I say ‘trotters’?) down. Turkey is just…no. It lacks enough flavour, so usually the sausage ends up being really, really salty. Chicken is the same way – a very mild sausage, so if that floats your boat then you’d probably prefer it more than pork. But pure pork is mmmmgood! I just made up a word. I think I like it.

All in all, there’s not a lot to compare. It all boils down to personal preference, and what you feel like eating on that day, at that very moment when your tummy is rumbling. And what is safe to eat. I can still remember the disastrous repercussions caused by avian flu and swine flu.


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