In Chinese, there’s a proverb that goes, “One unit of money, one unit of quality [of a product],” with the original Chinese being “一分錢,一分貨”. It basically means that the more you pay for an item, the higher the quality it should possess.

We are living in the age where almost everything is “Made in China”, and although people used to think that this automatically means that product is of poor quality, it’s coming to that time when it’s actually not that bad. Even high-end brands are beginning to relocate their warehouses to China, and while usually they would say “Designed in Italy” or wherever, it doesn’t change the fact that China is still the go-to place for churning out the product that’s for sale.

But honestly, is it worth paying more money for higher quality things? We live in a world that changes its fashion senses every day, and nowadays, instead of being annoyed or upset, we actually feel relieved when something breaks after 1-2 years of using it, because it gives us the perfect excuse to go shopping for something more up-to-date. So if we’re going to change our closet of things every year or so, why bother buying expensive stuff at all?

I suppose everything depends on the individual, and on what the item is. For example, it would be great if you could buy a washing machine that lasts forever, as long as it’s not too much more expensive than a normal washing machine. If you’re buying a cellphone instead, then you might want to look for a cheaper model, because phone designs change pretty quickly. Case in point: the iPhone. Or any Apple product. But then, it seems a waste to discard your previous iPhone/Pad/whatever as long as it’s still working, plus Apple products aren’t that cheap anyway.

Whatever balance you find yourself caught in, don’t overthink too much. It’s not worth it.

(I wrote this post solely for the purpose of throwing in that last pun.)


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