Wah-hey, I got my pant legs soaked to-day! I knew I should have worn my wellies the moment I knew it was raining outside, but I didn’t. Want to know why? Because I tend to exhibit masochistic behaviour! No, not really. I just don’t like wearing my rainboots because 1. They’re a little too short, 2. They’re not really good for walking long distances in because they’re really stiff, and 3. They make my feet hot and sweaty. Although I’m not sure whether this is better than cold and wet.

When I was growing up in Hong Kong, it seemed like no one ever wore wellies. During the monsoon season, rain can get so torrential that it didn’t matter what kind of footwear you had, your feet got wet. So people just resigned to wearing flip-flops and sandals, because hey, if your feet are going to get soaked anyway, then why bother with anything else? Besides, the monsoon season lasts most of the spring and summer, so wearing boots is like giving your feet a death sentence. Death by overheating.

Chicago’s the only crazy place that would actually have so much rain during this time of the year.


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