Here’s a riddle for you: After making food that looks really good, who should the cook feed it to first?

The answer could probably be guessed from this post’s title. It’s the cook who should eat it first, to taste and see whether it actually tastes good. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it would taste good. Yeah, it’s one of those riddles where you know that you’re supposed to know the answer, but couldn’t come up with on the spot. Like the “What is greater than God?” riddle.

I know a few people who hardly ever try their own cooking before serving it. Such as my own mother. We’d sometimes get really salty fish, or bland soup, or some really tough meat. I asked her once why she didn’t try the food before giving it to us, and she said “I don’t have time.” I suppose if you’re a mom rushing to feed her children, this would make a little more sense, but still. How long would it take to take out a spoon, have a taste, and make the necessary corrections?

I suppose some good has come out of this – it means that I’m not too picky about my food. It may not seem that way, if you’ve read all my restaurant reviews (haha), but honestly, even if it’s not very good food I’d still eat it. I may not enjoy it very much, but I wouldn’t throw it back at the chef. Unless I were at a restaurant, because when you go out to eat you kind of expect something better because your food is being made by professionals.

Anyway. To all those budding cooks and bakers, please taste your food! For the sake of those you’re serving it to, which includes yourself!


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