The first time I’ve ever heard this term was today, actually, in the TOMS Shoes‘ email newsletter I received this morning. I actually thought, ‘Wow, this is pretty cool – a ‘Moustache Awareness Month’!’ Because I only recently learned about the different types of moustaches and what they mean in these modern times, where guys have invented some pretty funky ways to wear their facial hair. It’s like they’re compensating for not being able to do fun stuff with their hair, not the way girls can. (Unless they have long hair too, but some styles are definitely strictly for women.) Going to an art school also really opened my eyes to how serious some men (and women!) are about facial hair fashion.

But then I read further, and it’s actually for raising awareness of the different kinds of cancers that affect men. Kind of like how the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I guess to be politically correct, we can’t leave the men out of this. I think it’s good though, because I know a lot of guys who act like they’re invincible, as if being macho automatically means being impervious to diseases and illnesses.

I hope all this promotion works. Despite having so many different ‘awareness months’ or days like ‘Earth day’ to remind us of things we’d rather not have to worry about, I know people who still remain pretty clueless about the whole situation, kind of like coming across a painting and thinking “Oh that’s interesting”, but not really digging deeper in order to understand its background, concept, or methodology. I know I’m sometimes like that, too, so I have to constantly watch out for and catch myself when complacency and ignorance rear their ugly heads.

So do a little research, do a little learning in this month of Movember-November, and maybe when the snow starts to fall, we’ll all end up even just a little more aware than we were last month.


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