I Love Sushi

To this date, Yelp has never led me astray. But finally, I’ve found a rare instance where they’re wrong.

I’m always on the lookout for good sushi places, so when I searched for sushi places in Chicago, I Love Sushi popped up as one of the better places to go to. And it was cheap, too – under $10 for a meal. So why not? Granted, it’s only got 16 reviews, but you never know unless you try yourself.

And this statement is so true. I Love Sushi is located in an office building/shopping mall at 233 Michigan Avenue, and it’s a tiny fast food place that basically serves as a more expensive alternative to Subway. Now that I’ve tried it, I wish I’d gone to Subway instead. The place was a little dingy, and although most of the raw ingredients were inside a glass-case fridge in front of the counter, I could see raw fish lying out in the open in the back, where they prepare all their stuff. This set off alarm bells in my head, so I decided to order something safe – something not raw. So I got the Dragon Roll.

Big mistake. I forgot to check which dishes to get (on Yelp) beforehand, so I ended up with an overly sweet roll with soggy shrimp tempura and mushy rice. The chef also did something weird with a blowtorch to my sushi (why on earth did he need one?! It’s not like my sushi came out piping hot or anything), and only the avocado tasted fresh. It wasn’t disgusting per se, it was more like extremely underwhelming. And disappointing. I should have gone with the special, or even a bento box.

However, I must say that the place’s saving grace was their service. They were very quick about my order, and seeing that I had to wait a while, one of them gave me a free bowl of miso soup. Nice. I might return again, just to try something other than their sushi. Otherwise, this place fell flat for me. 3/10, although I would rate the service 8/10 (they were friendlier than most restaurants I’ve been to!).


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