Another breakfast Mondays! And another breakfast place that’s usually bursting at the seams on the weekends, but pleasantly empty on a weekday. I can now officially say that I love Mondays.

So this time it’s Butterfield’s Pancake House, located in the outlet/mall area on the corner of Dundee and Sanders. If you come when they’re busy, practically half the parking spaces available in the entire outlet is taken by the cars of the people dining there. So I recommend coming on a weekday, because they’re open from 6am to 3pm. The servers will be less stressed out, too, so they’d actually smile and greet you and pay attention to what you’re saying. But even so, the service today was a little slow, which means you really shouldn’t go when they’re busy and you’re starving.

The décor in this particular location is very open, due to the uncovered high ceilings and good amount of natural light. On the outside it looks quite barren, with tinted windows and hardly anything to distinguish or beautify the place, so stepping in is like stepping into a different world. They’ve also decorated the entire place with a fall theme, so there are leaves, squashes, and pumpkins lazing around the seating areas. It’s very festive, and helps you get into a relaxed, autumn mood.

As for the food, unlike this place’s namesake I didn’t try their pancakes, although my friend did and she thought they were really good and fresh. I raised an eyebrow when I saw the price, though – $8.95 for pancakes? It was the same price as my grilled chicken skillet (which was really good), and more interesting than the pancakes. I could  make 20 pancakes for the same price. The cost of eating out is getting quite ridiculous.

Anyway, my chicken skillet consisted of a potato hash at the bottom, with cubes of grilled chicken mixed with spinach, tomatoes, and melted cheddar and mozzarella on top, and with two fried eggs on top of that. It even came with toast on the side, and I made the mistake of eating that first. I got so full that I could only take a few bites of the actual scrambler before having to doggy bag the rest home! The toast was good, though – not burnt, but crispy on the outside while soft on the inside. As for the scrambler, it was really good and fresh, although the dish did come a little too lukewarm for my tastes, and the chicken was a little dry and underseasoned. Otherwise, it was a hearty breakfast, big enough for two meals. 7/10 stars, and I’ll be coming back to try some other item on their extensive menu!


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