In Hong Kong, there is a period of time where the temperature is just right, and people get sick due to the changes in weather. That is Hong Kong’s autumn – when it’s actually comfortable to go outside, unless you’re sick and stuck inside.

I found that it’s very different here in Chicago, and I have to say that the autumns here are much better than the one in Hong Kong. First off, the trees are beautiful, because they actually exist in copious amounts here. Secondly, although it’s definitely a lot colder now, most days are really pleasant with fresh air mixing in with the scent of chrysanthemums and the sound of crispy leaves crunching beneath your feet. Autumn here appeals to all five senses: a very warming feeling which helps ease us into the onslaught of winter.

I was biking through the neighbourhood and could really appreciate the beauty of all the trees, and the funny little things other people do to their front yards to get into the ‘mood’ of the fall season. Like creating piles of multicoloured leaves, or doing some last-minute mowing, or making pumpkins and random gourds cuddle each other as if they were trying to get warm. Some people have even decked out their whole yard in halloween stuff, which doesn’t really work because everywhere else you look it’s so pleasant that it makes scary things seem silly. Unless you’re walking down the street at night. Alone. Without garlic in your pocket and a wooden stake in your hand.

ANYway, it was a good bike ride, even though the whole neighbourhood seemed like a ghost town – not because of the halloween decorations, but because it was so still and quiet everywhere. No kids playing outside or anything. I guess there’s something about the weather that also makes people want to stay indoors with a mug of hot apple cider warming their hands.


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