Egg Harbour

And we’re back to Breakfast Mondays! I really missed this – I was away last week at a church retreat, and the Monday before that I was too sick to go out. But as they say, “Give it some time.”

This time, my friend and I hit a mini-chain breakfast restaurant called Egg Harbour Café, which is located in Glenview (although they have several branches in other districts too). I’ve been before, but it was good to go again and try something different, and at a different location.

The Egg Harbour seems to have made roosters and chickens their mascot, if the numerous images, figurines, and paraphernalia of fowl-themed items were any indication. But the place was open, yet cozy with many booths lined in a row. What I liked most was the bench-like seating – they made you feel as if you were outside, but not quite since they were immaculate. Plus it was warm inside. I’m really feeling the autumn weather now, as the temperatures have dropped significantly in the last few days.

Our server was prompt and friendly, and took our orders with a chirp and a smile. She even accommodated my change of side dish – I wanted potatoes instead of a muffin. I had the Joe’s healthy scrambler, while my friend had an eggs benedict. Quite good, although maybe it was a little too healthy (everyone knows healthier things don’t taste as good as their unhealthy counterpart!). The mixture of turkey sausage, onions, mushrooms, and spinach could have used a little more flavour and relied less on the mozzarella cheese to give it flavour. Even the sausage wasn’t enough to make the dish that special. I really enjoyed their cubed, roasted potatoes though – not too salty, and slightly blackened so there were some really crispy pieces. Mmm.

The fruit cup was also very fresh, although I noticed the cantaloupe wasn’t very sweet. I hesitated before eating it, with the recent listeria scare and all, but as I’m not pregnant, old, or have a weakened immune system, I threw caution in the wind and ate it with great relish. Ha! The strawberry orange juice I had was very special, too – very fresh, and I could actually taste the strawberries in my drink. The only little thing that made me sad was that they removed the pulp, which I actually prefer. But a small thing.

I must say, I much prefer their frittatas, which is what I had last time. Or maybe the frittata I had only tasted better because it was piping hot when it reached the table, while the scrambler was closer to being lukewarm. Nonetheless, it was a good meal, and I was more than satisfied with what I got. 6/10.


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