“If it’s fake, it’s probably made in China.” I hear this saying all the time, especially when I’m with my Hong Kong buddies. The problem is, most things are already made in China, and not all are fake, so what can one do?

One of the biggest problems I find is that fake things are deceptively nice. Take my previous pair of fake Ugg boots, which my poor mum got scammed into buying (luckily they were quite cheap – you’d think that would have tipped her off, but I guess not). It was really nice, with the design being exactly the one I wanted, but the problem was it looked a little too nice. The inside, I noticed, had quite shiny and smooth ‘sheepskin’, like those shiny fur coats I’ve seen on people during the winter season. But unlike real sheepskin, when I put the boots on for about 30 minutes, my feet began to get really hot. And uncomfortable. Real Ugg boots can be worn even in the summer without causing sweaty feet, so I knew right then and there that the boots were made from skin of fake sheep. Wonderful.

Other annoyances are socks. Not that fake socks really matter (I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard of a famous brand of socks, barring sports companies), but when they’re not 100% cotton (or close to that), I find they may be really soft, but again, overheated feet!!! Last year, I made the mistake of buying three pairs of really soft but synthetic ankle socks, which were mostly made of nylon and polyester. I have a weakness for soft and/or smooth things, and synthetic fibres don’t help.

Of course, sometimes the ‘overheating’ property of synthetics can actually help, especially for winter clothing. They allow jackets, pullovers, coats, and more to be made thin without having to compromise the warmth they bring to the wearer. But bottom line is, don’t buy the fake if you can have something real, and natural!


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