Stopped by a Culver’s fast food restaurant for the first time (you don’t see many of these, at least not where I live). I don’t really care for reviewing fast food, but seeing as this was my first time at this place, plus it’s not like you can find one in every few blocks unlike McDonald’s or Subway, I decided to do a quick review.

It’s your typical burger joint, apparently with greasier hamburgers than Burger King or McDonald’s. Whether that makes them more or less delicious I’m not sure, as I didn’t try one, but oftentimes people prefer unhealthier things. So maybe they taste better. What I did try was the stuffed green pepper with beef soup, a broth-like tomato soup with rice, bits of beef, tomatoes, and green peppers. Quite average, but I liked it because it was piping hot, and I was hungry. That always does the trick.

Culver’s also offers custard ice cream, which is basically ice cream but creamier and sweeter. Again, not as healthy as say, frozen yoghurt ice cream, which is actually quite good (check out Edy’s slow-churned yoghurt ice cream!). Once again, junk food is junk food. How wrong can one go? Although I must admit I tried some of their fries, and it was kind of soggy and cold, with no flavour and weren’t crisp at all like fries should be. Definitely not as good as McDonald’s fries.

The service was fast, although the cashier people seemed quite stoic and bored. Quite understandable, working at a fast food joint. The place was quite clean and spacious, and I liked their restrooms, which matched their space. Clean and big. I think that I’m in an “easy-to-please” mood today, so there’s not much nagging. It’s a fast food place, not a restaurant where I’m expecting something special. 3/10 stars.

I wonder where the name comes from.


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