Gino’s East

To be frank, my favourite style of pizza is the thin crust. So heading over to a pizzeria that specialises in deep dish pizzas like Gino’s East isn’t something I’d ever want to do on a regular basis, but I had out-of-state visitors, so might as well treat them to some Chicago pizza.

This particular Gino’s East is quite annoying to find, since it’s located inside of an Embassy Suites hotel along Lake Cook Road, which is under heavy construction at this particular section of the road. But otherwise, since it was inside such a building, there was lots of parking space to spare, and they could afford to make the interior architecture more unique – the actual restaurant/bar space is on this little platform island surrounded by a moat of sorts, complete with running water, a mini waterfall, and lots of coins thrown in by superstitious customers.

The service was a little slow, which was strange since we were practically the only people eating there at the time. Granted, there were only two servers who had to do everything, but otherwise a not very attentive wait staff. Our waiter got one of our orders wrong – instead of a pepperoni supreme deep dish, we got the pepperoni deep dish instead. If we were a bunch to mind things more, we would have complained, but whatever.

The food itself was about average. Well, how much can you mess up a pizza (apart from getting the actual order wrong)? But the chopped salad was really good; perhaps a little too much dressing but otherwise good and fresh. The thin crust vegetarian pizza we ordered turned out better than our deep dish pizza, since it was more interesting and had a mixture of different fresh veggies stewed with tomato and cheese sauce. The deep dish was nothing special to mention, although the crust for this pizza was strangely more orange than any pizza I’ve ever had before. It was also slightly sweet – maybe they add carrots to the crust? Who knows? I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

In the end, I wouldn’t bother coming here again – if you want Gino’s East pizza, just buy the frozen version from your local grocery store. Or forget the entire thing and go to Lou Malnati’s instead. 5/10.

One thought on “Gino’s East

  1. I agree. if the service is bad- go another place. I hate those places inside a Hotel. Chicago style pizza is good. I love the thin crust cut up in little squares.My wife and I are stuck in the middle of nowhere so I don’t Gino’s East Pizza is in Guymon.

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