I went to Grant Park hoping to play a little footy (a.k.a. football, a.k.a. soccer). It turned out to be quite the disappointment: firstly, the ground was all soggy from the unusual buckets of rain we’ve been getting. Secondly, the part of the park that was dry enough to play on wasn’t big enough to accomodate all the players. Thirdly, the other part of the park that was big enough and dry enough was covered with goose, dog, cat, and [insert animal] poop everywhere. And the icing on the cake was the torrential rain that fell again, blowing in sheets and combining with the wind in such a way that umbrellas were rendered almost completely useless.

Oh well. It’s not like I’m a stellar soccer player, so I guess it’s ok to not play. And the sun and rain left behind a little gift in the form of a quarter rainbow. Since I made far too many references to the “Double Rainbow” internet meme today, I will stop right there. I will, however, mention that all rainbows are actually circular, and it’s only the face of the earth that prevents us from seeing the true form of a rainbow. It somehow seems appropriate that one of the world’s oldest promises (read Genesis ch. 6-9) envelopes more than we can see, yet is obscured by the place we call home.


3 thoughts on “Footy

  1. Double rainbows are cool. Yet we have blazing heat and little rain in the panhandle of Oklahoma. We’re in the middle of no where. Playing the Gunner and rain is cool. Gunner and Falmenguista for life.

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