One icebreaker-type question I always like to ask when I’m with a group of people is “What is one quirk or strange habit you have?” And since I often get really interesting responses, I’ve compiled a list of them here.

  1. I talk to my reflection.
  2. I talk to and laugh with myself, even in public.
  3. I pluck at my eyebrows when I’m thinking, or bored.
  4. I pluck my eyelashes when I’m thinking, or bored.
  5. I tickle the roof of my mouth when I’m dozing off in the middle of a lecture/meeting.
  6. I tickle my ear with my hair when I’m dozing off when I shouldn’t.
  7. Whenever I see a Q-tip, I am compelled to clean my ears.
  8. When I was young, I always loved the thrill of jumping out of windows (sometimes even from the 2nd floor).
  9. When I was young, I used to search all over my body for outlines, like how Disney cartoons are drawn.
  10. I’m compelled to smell anything and everything, when people talk about it. Even if they’re talking about it because it stinks.
  11. The first thing I do when I wake up from any form of sleep is count something, e.g. ceiling tiles, the number of chairs in the room, etc.
  12. I like superglueing my fingers together.
  13. I like taping my fingers together.
  14. I use chopsticks to eat when I want to eat slowly.
  15. I always check underneath my bed before going to sleep.
  16. I always open a door first and wait a few seconds before entering/exiting the room.
  17. When I have a nightmare, I always find my arms raised up beside my head when I wake up.

Have a quirk? Want to share? Then feel free to comment below! I will be expanding this list as I ask the question to more people. And don’t feel embarrassed; rather, I think a compilation of such a list would let people know that “Hey, I’m not the only person in the world who does this!” and that even if your habit is uniquely yours, it just makes you who you are today.

3 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. great idea! quirks? I hate changing the little things in my life. I don’t mind huge changes, ironically, but the small things need to stay the same: same shoes, same chair (at the coffee shop or at church), same breakfast, same walk around the lake, same morning routine, etc.).

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