Kevin’s Place

Breakfast Monday review alert! So this time I went to Kevin’s Place – a small place in Deerfield with quite a garish sign hung on the front door. (For those who are curious, it was a glass sign with a bowling pin and a blurred picture of Kevin in the middle.)

The inside was equally garish – the bar-like counter was covered with a black and white checkered tablecloth, and there were neon yellow barstools. Just like the colour theme of the sign. The walls were also bright yellow, with “please”‘s and “thank you”‘s trailing around the restaurant. There weren’t a lot of windows either, so not a lot of natural light got in, giving the entire room this strange yellow glow. All in all, I felt the interior clashed too much, in the way that makes one cringe.

But then Kevin himself arrived. I say “arrived” as in “waltzed over”, because nothing about this guy was subtle. And apparently, despite being the owner, he seems to wait on all the tables. Anyway, he’s a really enthusiastic person, and he talks in a very chipper, lively way, as if having breakfast in his restaurant was simply the most wonderful thing a person could ever do in his or her lifetime. I half-expected him to tag the word “FABulous!” at the end of every sentence! This guy is truly awesome; I couldn’t help smiling along. Maybe he’s had too much coffee. Or energy drinks. But whatever the case, I can see why his restaurant is painted in that particular colour scheme – it has to keep up his personality, because he’s so bright that he would put any other colour to shame.

Apart from the stellar (pun completely intended – it was very sparkly) service, the food was also very good. I ordered the special for the day, which consisted of an omelette cooked skillet-style atop some crispy potatoes. The omelette itself was more like scrambled eggs with bits of chicken apple sausage, onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms mixed in, and topped with Monterey jack cheese. Everything was just right – it wasn’t too salty, the potatoes were the perfect balance of crispiness and softness, and the chicken apple sausage added a sweetness to the omelette that really made this dish unique. The omelette was more on the lukewarm side, so it could have been heated better, but otherwise, it was a good, hearty breakfast dish.

What I loved most about this place, though, was the flexibility of the menu. You could have your omelette made with just egg whites, a mixture, or mainly egg whites with one egg yolk. Strange, but Kevin said it was ok. You could have your dressing or toppings on the side or on the dish, choose the type of bread you want for your toast, make your food healthier or tastier (i.e. less healthy)…it almost feels as if you’re an integral part of the process of the cooking of your food, and that you can make requests based on your preferences without getting dirty looks. This is a very pro-choice restaurant, which is no wonder why families with lots of kids love to come here (kids can be very picky eaters).

The food also came out pretty fast, another reason why families gave this place rave reviews on Yelp. I left feeling energised by both Kevin and the food, so I’ll definitely be returning to this place in the future! For those interested, just make sure you don’t go on a weekend – it will most likely be packed with families and lots of little kids. Otherwise, I guarantee you’ll have a blast! 8/10 stars (if only the décor didn’t hurt my eyes so much…).


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