Prompts/Prompted: Reading

A big THANK YOU to all who came tonight at Quimby’s Bookstore to hear us read! The Creative Writing Guild truly appreciates each person who came to support us, take pictures of us, even those who just wandered in and were curious. As a side note, our publication Prompts/Prompted is now for sale at Quimby’s for $5, which includes two zines and a button, while our CD (a compilation of readings done for our radio show) is $6. Free hugs and kisses to whoever buys! And maybe a homemade cookie, while stocks last.

Apart from the reading today, I finally learned the reason why so many people hate the DMV: the waits are long. The workers are overworked and take it out on the customers. Yet they still hold the power to withhold your driver’s licence/ID card from you. Hardly seems fair, but I suppose they can’t just let anyone drive around town. In addition, the examiners are literally putting their lives into many different strangers’ hands each time they test their competence with a vehicular machine, so I guess there are potential disasters they have to live with every day. BP levels (again, pun intended) must be through the roof! But I’m glad to say I got everything over and done with, so now I’m equipped with a brand spanking new driver’s licence. Now if only that would come with a brand spanking new car…


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