Lovely: A Bake Shop

Another Groupon delight up for review! This time, it’s a cute little place located near the Damen blue line EL station on 1130 N. Milwaukee Avenue, and although I got a little lost trying to find it, I found it charming enough to forget all my troubles.

Lovely is a bake shop (for obvious reasons), but apart from baked goods, they also had a wide selection of sandwiches, teas, and coffees, all written up in neat handwriting on chalkboards. For the Groupon, I managed to get a turkey pesto sandwich, a tuna salad sandwich, and a red velvet cupcake. The food reminded me a lot of Corner Bakery’s food, although portions were smaller and the vegetables were fresher. So nothing too special to mention (I mean, how wrong can you go with a sandwich or cupcake?). Perhaps I should have tried the quiche.

However, unlike the Corner Bakery, I think what made this place less corporate or commercial was the interior design – the screen door, rustic teal walls, mismatched chairs, and fake laundry that was hung up to dry all added to the homely feel of the place. Even the necklaces they had for sale was more old school design-wise. Prices, though, were not (unfortunately!). If I didn’t have the Groupon, I don’t think I would have bought anything, as nothing was cheap. In fact, Corner Bakery sells cheaper stuff. Maybe Lovely factored in the experience as part of the costs…? Regardless, it was a quaint place to go have early dinner, and if you’re into the whole vintage thing I definitely recommend a visit. Otherwise, for fellow foodies, Corner Bakery would do just as well. 5.5/10 stars.


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