Walker Bros Original Pancake House

Breakfast Monday! This time, I visited the Walker Bros Original Pancake House in Glenview (what a mouthful! And pun intended!), that has its sign tucked behind some trees so my friend and I almost drove right past it.

We were seated straight away as the place was only about half full, and everything on the menu sounded so tempting that it took us quite a while to order. Service was a little slow; about as slow as Georgie V’s, but it wasn’t too bad. What did surprise me though was that my friend’s bottomless cup of coffee was offered to be refilled ten times more often than my cup of water. Hm.

I ordered the Chipotle chicken crêpe while my friend got the Western omelette with cheese. I absolutely loved my dish – the sauce was perfectly spiced with the chicken, with lots of green and red peppers wrapped inside a thin crêpe that was quite light so it wouldn’t overwhelm the main ingredient. The crispy potato pancakes on the side were also cooked juuust right – I would have crunched my way through another ten of those with great relish if the portion wasn’t so big. The only complaint I have about the dish was that there was a little too much sauce, which overpowered the natural flavour of the chicken. Otherwise it was fantastic! The omelette was good too, although it was a bit too greasy for my taste. But what I loved the most about this breakfast place is that everything was very fresh from the kitchen. The deliciousness was merely an added bonus!

The interior of this particular Walker Bros was classy with almost a Tiffany antique feel due to all the stained glass décor, but the soft yellow glow of the lights cast a warmer aura to the place so you wouldn’t feel intimidated about stepping into the place. The floors, tables, and booths were also built out of an orange-coloured wood, which toned down the otherwise sophisticated feel of the restaurant.

A thoroughly great breakfast restaurant to visit, despite the slow service. 7.5/10 stars (the negative 0.5 stars is due to the higher prices), and I will definitely be back!


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