I now have a reason to think well of Mondays: not only is it the first work day of the week, it’s also become my weekly Breakfast Day. So every Monday, I shall be reviewing a new breakfast place in the area, in hopes of finding the perfect way to start the day. (This review just came late since I was more preoccupied with setting up my Etsy account.)

Last Monday, I joined a friend to try Georgie V’s Pancake House – a place so small and local that they don’t even have their own website. It’s in a little corner right next to Sunset Foods on Church Street in Northbrook, so you could do some grocery shopping right after breakfast and kill two birds with one stone.

The food was really good – I had the portabello mushroom caps stuffed with egg, onion, green and red peppers and cheese, with buttermilk pancakes and potatoes on the side. Good thing I shared! Portions are pretty big here, which means you get a pretty hearty breakfast. I made the mistake of ordering a side of hash browns as well, which were kind of pointless since the “potatoes” that come with the meal were the same as the hash browns I ordered. I think they should have specified this more clearly. But I love their hash browns/potatoes, which weren’t all greasy like most hash browns are; in fact they were rather light and crisp, as if they were pan-seared without oil. Mmm. The portabello omelette (it wasn’t really an omelette in the traditional sense but that’s what they call it) was excellent as well; very flavourful and not too heavy. The pancakes, on the other hand, were quite ordinary.

The only complaint I have was that service was kind of slow, especially since the place was only a quarter full. They even have a pitcher of water on each table so the waiters don’t have to spend time refilling everyone’s water, so I don’t know what they’re doing. Most of the time, they just seemed to be chilling out near the kitchen. Maybe it’s the cooks that are slow?

Whatever the case, that was the only downside to the whole place – Georgie V’s is a quaint, lovely little local breakfast place that I’ll definitely come back to if I ever want a good breakfast in Northbrook. Price-wise, it’s about $7-$10 per person, with leftovers to spare. 7/10 stars!


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