CWG: Prompts/Prompted

In about one week’s time, there will be a very special event at Quimby’s Bookstore – the Creative Writing Guild will be presenting a reading based on the latest publication called Prompts/Prompted, which is based on a series of prompts done throughout the semesters of sleep deprivation and wide-eyed coffee jitters.

The Creative Writing Guild is a student group affiliated with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago that I used to be a part of. I will be one of the readers, so if you’ve always wanted to meet me in person, now’s your chance! Although I could be horribly shy and embarrassed…perhaps I shall wear a paper bag with eyeholes during the entire thing. That will surely prompt some kind of response from the audience.

But please, feel free to drop by at 7pm on September 23rd (a Friday) at 1854 W. North Avenue. If you’re not there for the refreshments or to listen to us drone, you can just go to be inspired – we’ve collected some prompts and will be reading them aloud for audience members to participate! There will even be CWG merchandise for sale, so don’t miss this fantastic night! Anyway. I’m done doing my meta-advertising. I’ll let the bright yellow screen-printed poster say the rest.


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