Demetri’s Greek Restaurant

There’s nothing like a good plate of Greek food, and Demetri’s Greek Restaurant offers just that, and more.

I went with a few friends so we could share everything we ordered – just the way I like it. For starters, we had the Avgolemono soup – a Greek specialty with lemon, rice, and egg. It sounds weird, but it was actually pretty good – quite filling without being heavy. Perhaps a little saltier than I’d like, but not something to complain about. On the other hand, the house salad was pretty standard. I’m not sure how delicious salad can be in the first place since it’s just raw veggies; maybe some cheese and/or nuts or fruit with some dressing mixed in. I also found a hair in the salad. I guess someone wasn’t wearing their hair net in the kitchen.

For the entrées, we ordered a Kotopoulo Demetri’s, a combination plate, and a Gyros platter. The first was really good – chicken with peas, onions, potatoes, and feta cheese wrapped in pastry and baked to a crispy perfection. The only complaints I have are that I thought there was too much meat, plus it was a little dry. As for the combination plate, I thought it was the most interesting dish since it had a little Mousaka (layered eggplant and potato baked with ground beef and lamb), Dolmades (lamb and rice wrapped with grape leaves), lamb meat, and rice and vegetables on the side. The lamb was cooked just right for this one, making it the best dish out of the three. Last but not least was the gyros platter, which we hardly got to try since we were so stuffed from the other dishes. But the lamb was good; I’m just not sure whether I can say that I like the flavouring used for the gyros. Maybe it’s just my tongue’s fault.

Service-wise, the owner was really nice, and he taught us how to pronounce “gyros” (sounds like “euros” but with a soft “o”). Our server was a little depressing, though. She didn’t smile. Perhaps she got out on the wrong side of the bed. Hopefully our tip made her day. The restaurant also had a special greeter just at the entrance – a Macaw was perched outside, and if you said “Hello!” to him (her?) he would reply with his own “Hello!”. He kept squawking to draw attention, though, which got annoying if you sat outside (which we did). But the weather was too good to miss, so it made up for everything else.

Rating: 7/10 stars. About $20 per person, unless you use a coupon like we did.


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