Tokyo and Beijing Restaurant

Well, it’s official: summer’s over with the drop of at least ten degrees Fahrenheit, and with that, the swimming pool season ends too. It feels sad to retire my new swimsuit until next year.

On another note, I went with a bunch of friends to try a Japanese/Chinese restaurant in Wilmette, Illinois called “Tokyo and Beijing Restaurant“. The owner’s naming sense is not terribly creative, but a lot of the cooking was. We started with complimentary miso soup and salad, which was nice of the owner’s wife because we had been waiting for our food for over 20 minutes. The miso soup was ordinary, but I thought the salad dressing was pretty unique: it was pale green with a light sweetness to it that tasted like edamame and pickled ginger, but when I asked the waitress about the ingredients, she just laughed and said “House secret!” Humph.

Her zipped lips were quickly overlooked due to the distraction caused by the main course rolling out – we ordered the Crazy Roll, the Golden Dragon, and the Lobster Dragon. All the seafood was really fresh, especially for the Crazy Roll: a mega combination of salmon, white tuna, tuna, avocado, crab, and cucumber. But the dragons were a real treat. The Golden Dragon had a real kick to it with the jalapeño pepper on top of the white tuna, while the Lobster Dragon had chunks of very flavourful and sweet lobster tail on top with real king crab stuffed inside all the rice. Mmmm.

The meal ended with complimentary dessert (they keep throwing free things at us at this restaurant…I LOVE IT!) of almond cookies and fortune cookies. The almond cookies tasted fake and factory-made, which it probably was. And the fortune cookies were fortune cookies. My fortune said, “You should share your insights with your friends.” I’ll let you figure out what that means.

And the best part? I got to enjoy teaching my friends the art of using chopsticks and making origami chopstick rests out of the chopstick wrappers. And I got to watch them struggle over their chopstick skills. I’m not usually a practician of schadenfreude, but I just couldn’t resist this time.

A good restaurant to go to if you like sushi! I didn’t try the Chinese section, but one of my friends had the chicken with green beans and he really liked it. 7/10 stars from me, because the wait staff was really friendly and I kept getting free food. The only minor drawbacks were the long-ish wait for the food, the price (about $20 per person) and the atmosphere – someone kept banging on the other side of the wall next to us, and the décor looked pretty cheap. Otherwise, it’s a great sushi place to go to if you’re ever in the area.


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