Back to School

First day of September! First night of badminton! First (and only) time that it was free! Which makes it all the more awesome, of course. I think I sweated away all the toxins in my body.

For most, if not all students, September usually means that school’s already in full-swing. I can almost hear all the moaning and groaning for all those involved, including teachers. Haha. Others (e.g. a few of my friends) actually look forward to this day, excited to meet old friends and make new ones. Props to you, whoever you are. I actually know some people who hate the lull of summer break and are always itching to go back to school. Though I have nothing against mandatory education, I can confidently say that I am not one of these people.

Anyway. A quick word of encouragement for all those who are returning to school: YOU. CAN. DO. IT. And after everything, every trial, every mean-spirited balding professor who wouldn’t listen to what you have to say, every blood-stained exam, and every empty cup of coffee, you’ll be rewarded with so much more than a pithy-looking piece of paper. You’ll have knowledge, a powerful tool that can be welded into things much, much greater, if you apply it in the right way. So here’s to education, and the way it paves to a better future for all.


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