I ran a mile in 15 minutes today. I’m so proud of myself; I’m not a runner. At all. Plus I was carrying a 10lb backpack. I peg it as a miracle that I managed to catch the train heading home.

On other news, I finally managed to sell my old laptop. Well, I say “old”, but it’s only been a little over 4 years. I honestly could have kept using it until it died, but I got a new, shiny one as a graduation present so I might as well try to get rid of some stuff to make space in my already messy room. Hooray! I brought the old one to the Genius bar at the Apple store to wipe its memory and restore it so that when it’s turned on, it will play the whole startup sequence, as if it were new. Again, I made an appointment and again, I had to wait about 20 minutes after my appointment time before I was called. At least they’re consistently late.

Now if only I can sell my new, too-small TOMS shoes…


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