Farmer’s Market

Every Thursday from 7am to 3pm, from May 12th to October 20th is the Daley Plaza’s (corner of Washington and Dearborn) farmer’s market, stuffed full of local vendors and goodies. If you don’t really plan on buying anything, I still recommend checking it out just to ogle at the lovely produce and nibble on some succulent samples.

Although everything was about $1-2 more expensive than usual, there were some pretty interesting stalls. One particular one was Brunkow Cheese, who had a whole slew of cheese samples for people to try. I was extremely tempted to buy some, but I knew I would be out for a while and I was a little worried about how long the cheese would last for in the sun. Okay, so cheese is already moulded, but I didn’t want mould growing on top of the mould. There were also many baked goods to drool over, and I’m proud to say that I managed to resist.

I did end up buying a pot of orange flower honey from Kress Apiary, even though I mistook the label and thought the honey was from Illinois, not Indiana. I guess the definition of the word ‘local’ spans across to neighbouring states, huh. But my favourite was to walk through the aisles of fresh apples of all kinds, because you could actually smell the crisp flavour radiating from the apples’ skin. Mmm. I saw a hiring sign and I was sorely tempted to inquire about it, just to see if I could sneak a few samples of the produce…maybe more…


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