Dust Bunnies

I think I inhaled a week’s worth of dust today while helping a friend clean her place. There were actual dust bunnies lying all over the place – clumps of dust that you could roll into balls and build a snowdust-manbunny.

Thank goodness for the invention of two things – the vacuum cleaner and the Swiffer duster. The former sucks up all those bunnies so they can be reintroduced to the wild, where they belong, while the duster traps them within its fine hairs so they don’t have enough space to reproduce. There are downsides to both, though. The vacuum cleaner is a glutton, therefore eats its food in an extremely noisy fashion, and also tends to be quite bulky and often cumbersome to manoeuvre. The Swiffer duster is quieter and more mobile, but its size makes it cover less area at the same time. Plus the bunnies tend to fly away in a frenzy if you dust too quickly.

But eventually, most of the bunny population was exterminated between the two of us, and now the room can breathe better. Can’t say the same for ourselves, though, but at least we know that our bodies can clean up much better than any duster or vacuum cleaner.


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