Winnie the Pooh

What can I say? I’m still a child at heart – I grew up watching the curious stuffed bear and his many adventures with his best friends, so when I saw the trailer for Winnie the Pooh, I just had to watch it. It is by far the shortest film I’ve watched in quite a long while, but filled with lots of adorable “awwwww” moments.

The story begins with Pooh being shaken awake by the narrator holding the storybook, and of course, Pooh is hungry for hunny, but he’s out. When he goes to Eeyore’s place to ‘borrow’ some, he discovers that the depressed donkey’s tail is gone. So a contest ensues, with the prize being a biiiig pot of hunny. Think: Eeyore’s day gets much worse than it already is. He manages to find something wrong with each new ‘tail’ he gets…which, essentially, aren’t tails at all. Finally, Kanga knits him an orange scarf which becomes the most suitable thing, and she’s rewarded with the hunny. His tummy still growling louder by the second, Pooh figures Christopher Robin would have some hunny to share, but he’s not home, though he did leave a note. Apparently the bear can’t read it (which is weird, because he manages to read the sign outside of Owl’s treehouse…Disney illogic?), so he asks Owl to read it for him. Owl misinterprets the note, and makes everyone believe that Christopher has been abducted by a monster called the ‘Backson’ that causes lots of trouble.

The characters eventually stumble their way through the plot and find the solutions to all their problems, in a funny yet sweet way. I really appreciated the beautiful animation, and the interesting idea of making the reader and words in the storybook interact with the characters and actually becoming a part of the plot. I also loved the song they sung about the Backson, a monster that causes trouble. You can find out a lot about each character by what they define as ‘trouble’; e.g. for Kanga it’s kids waking up at 1 and 3 in the morning, while for Tigger it makes you sleep late at night.

I watched this movie mostly for the nostalgia, but it was very cute in its own way. Almost half of Pooh’s dialogue was spoken by his rumbly tummy! And I just adore his “Oh bother”s and “Think, think”s. But since it’s pretty short, you might as well wait for the DVD to come out.

If you still plan on watching this movie, don’t forget to come early to catch the short animation about Nessie the Lochness Monster (a concept they totally copied from Pixar), and stay to watch the very end after all the credits! You’ll be treated with a pleasant, extra surprise.


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