Finally, finally finished my embroidery project! Done freehand, with bleeding eyes to complete. Seriously. I looked in the mirror and my eyes are all red.

When I stop to think about it, there are actually a lot of people in the US with the name Dianne (or some variation of it, like Dianna or Diane). Either that or I just know a lot of Diannes. But why is this? You’d think parents would want to name their children something much more different and/or original. I guess Dianne is just a popular, overall ‘nice’ name to give to a daughter?

Another possible explanation could be due to the late Princess Diana making the name sound like royalty by association, though most of the Diannes I know were born before she became a princess. Oh well. It just gets really confusing when I talk to non-Dianne friends about a Dianne and they always have to ask “Which one?”

Getting too original with naming babies may not be the best solution either. Like, naming your kid “Snufflescrumptious” or “Kyrschozcki”. No wonder some people opt to legally change their name to something else.

As for me, I like my name. It comes up first in a Google search. Ha! Thanks mum and dad.


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