Back in Chicago

And with internet, too. Daily blogging also resumes today!

I thought I wouldn’t have time to go back to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks competition last Saturday, but it turned out that a bunch of my friends and family wanted to go, so we watched from Burrard Bridge. It was nowhere near as good of a view as I had last Wednesday, but the crowds were already so thick that we didn’t bother trying to look for a better spot. So we watched, with half of our view blocked by an obnoxious high-rise apartment building, and radio-less so we couldn’t hear the music at all.

I don’t know whether it was because of the bad location or the lack of music, but the fireworks were not as interesting as they were for Spain, despite the same caliber of fireworks they had. Canada also seemed like fireworks packed with different colours, exploding in a scattered rainbow or having the flares turn into a different colour a few seconds after the explosion. Very pretty, but without the music, it seemed too repetitive. I’m pretty sure China and Spain also repeated the same pattern of fireworks many times during their turn too, but because the view was better, I can’t say I can do justice to Canada’s firework show.

But it was a fun night regardless. A big congratulations too, to China for winning this year and becoming the champion of the champions! My aunt thinks it’s expected as they’re the ones who invented the firework, but you never know. Students surpass their teachers all the time. The only downside to all the fireworks is the black cloud that hovered above English Bay that darkened after every explosion…


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