Speed Boat

Happy Belated BC Day to everyone in Vancouver!! Yeah, I thought it was kind of a weird holiday too, but I’m not complaining. My British cousin was confused for a while because he thought it was a celebration of everything British.

Granville Island was super packed last Monday, which was good for all the vendors there. Especially the ice cream vendors, because it was another beautiful sunny day. After a few salmon burgers and pot pies, some of my relatives and I went speed boating from Granville Island to Jericho Beach, with boats rented from Jerry’s Boat Rentals (props to a certain one for managing to elbow her way through the queue!). Pretty fun, but I don’t think it’ll be something I’ll actively seek out to do. One of my aunts thought it was so boring that she decided to take a nap. It’s not like we weren’t driving at top speed; it’s just that the motion of the waves and wind is too regular to really make anything of it. BUT for anyone who hasn’t tried, it’s a good group thing to do on a hot sunny day. Make sure you sit in the front!

We ended the day with Lee’s Doughnuts and a barbeque dinner, and only went home because some had to go to work the next day. Awww. But it was an awesome day! I think every day should be BC Day, as long as I’m in Vancouver. Hee.


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