A big CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely cousin and her new husband!! The ceremony went really well yesterday, with perfect weather! Well, maybe a little too perfect – I saw a few people with umbrellas out in the hot sun (so Asian!), and the only space that had shade was where the musicians were sitting, i.e. me and four others. It was also the most bug infested area so I guess it was a trade-off.

We played Coldplay’s “Yellow” and “Fix You” for the wedding procession, which sounded really nice during the rehearsal but we messed up some parts due to some timing issues…hopefully not that anyone knew. I guess it went pretty well, seeing that we only had one practice before the real thing. It’s really hard to coordinate more than two people to practice music together. Either that or we’re just lazy musicians.

But the wedding isn’t about the music; it’s about two people willing to commit themselves to spending the rest of their lives together in legally binding harmony! So this post is dedicated to Emily and Mike. May they spend the rest of their lives in laughter and tender joys.


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