Triad Sushi Lounge

Before I left for Vancouver, I’d gone with a friend to another Groupon restaurant: Triad Sushi Lounge, which is located on the corner of South Indiana Avenue and East Cullerton Street in Chicago.

Since the prince range was a bit higher than average ($15-$25 per person), we only managed to order 4 different dishes for the Groupon’s worth. We got a Triad spring roll (cold appetizer on such a hot day is heavenly!), the Red Dragon maki, the Tuna Supreme maki, and the Volcano maki. The Red Dragon was the best; it had enough flavour without the sauce overpowering the natural sweetness of the shrimp. The Volcano one was good too, although it was a little too dry with all the tempura. The Tuna Supreme was average – the fish wasn’t in its freshest state, so a lot of the natural flavour of the tuna was lost.

We finished the meal with green tea and coffee mochi, a perfect symbol of how the East meets the West. Great place, with a bar/lounge area and dusky but clean and modern décor. I’m definitely recommending it to people, if they’re bothered to make the trip down there and have a good chunk of money to spend. And perhaps I’ll go back too, when another Groupon to their place comes out. I’m a cheapskate. So sue me.


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