So apparently Vancouver has upped its airport security, because even after I’d gone through immigration, a security guard came up to me and started grilling me about why I was in Vancouver, how long my stay was, who I was visiting, why I was visiting etc etc. All the time I was thinking “ARGH NOSEY PEOPLE!” but there could have been some racial discrimination there because after he finished his interrogation he didn’t move on to someone else, and when I looked around I noticed I was the only Chinese person around.

It’s either the black hair or the violin case (plus the fact that I was flying in from Chicago, the mobster city) I was carrying around that did it.

Anyway, I still got safely to Vancouver, so I’m just going to forget about the whole thing. What I can’t forget is how I had to help my grandmother cook last night. And ‘help’ included having to de-poop all the tiny dried shrimp (蝦米 in Chinese). It’s difficult enough to pry open a shrimp when it’s rock-hard, but to try to get all the poop out of it as well? Yuck. But apparently eating too much shrimp faeces can cause cancer. But then, eating anything can cause cancer nowadays. Maybe it’s just the thought of having to eat another animal’s poo that is off-putting to my grandmother (and some many other people).

All those fishermen out there, please try to catch shrimps and prawns only after they’ve taken a good, long dump.


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